Finding Your Value

One of the hardest things for me is believing in myself. I really don’t know why. I’ve always been self-deprecating and afraid to stand up and say, “I’m smart, I have opinions, I can do this.” I don’t think I’m the only one. I see a lot of women, very talented women who are afraid to stand up and tell everyone what they’re worth, afraid to put themselves out there.

I was one of those women and in some respects, I still am. I wrote for two decades before I had enough courage to share it with the world. Two decades! When I think about all the stories that I have yet to tell that I could have already told, it makes my head swim and it makes me angry with myself. Every time I get another 5-star review, I think, why didn’t I do this sooner and the answer is always fear.

Fear kept me in a dead end job for years and I was miserable. I knew I could do a hell of a lot more than what I was doing. I hated my job, it wasn’t fulfilling and at times wasn’t even worth the paycheck. Then I would look at my husband and I saw someone who loved what he did for a living. While he may not have enjoyed working for some of his employers, at the end of the day, he loved the field he was in. Whenever he discovered something new or completed a project that extra challenging he would come so filled with joy that I was envious. I wanted to find that same level of happiness.

It took awhile and a big push from my husband but I did it. I quit my 9 to 5 to pursue writing and freelancing full-time. Writing is the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done next to my newest endeavor. Very recently, I started helping other authors and I was pretty secret about it. I was afraid people would say, “what does she know about it” and all sorts of other negative things. I was afraid to put myself out there, yet again. I got over it and met with my first client and it was an amazing experience for the both of us. I have to admit I was worried about my client getting her money’s worth so when she told me that I needed to increase my fee, my heart silently sang the Hallelujah Chorus. I had to get out of my comfort zone, it was hard at first but after I did it, I was so glad I did.

I started a service for writers who want to independently publish because when I started my own journey I couldn’t find anyone who was willing to help me that didn’t charge an arm and a leg. I couldn’t afford marketing assistance and a designer, I did it all on my own learning through trial and a lot of error. I attended conferences and joined more groups than I can count learning as much as I could from others. The result of all that learning is my help for authors program, which allows me to help others accomplish their dream of publishing. If you’re a writer of any genre, I can help you with pretty much anything you could need. If you’re in the DC metro area I’ll come to you otherwise, we can set up a Skype session. The point of this whole blog is to encourage you not to wait. Don’t let excuses and fear keep you from doing something you always wanted to do. Don’t waste two decades like I did. We can both start today!



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