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#Mommittment and Music, A Few of My Favorite Things

There are only two people who could make me come of out of my writing hidey hole, one is Jen Kehl at My Skewed View and the other is Julie at Next Life No Kids. You all know that I love not only Jen’s blog but her Twisted Mix Tape link up. Whenever she says she’s up for doing one, I’ll be there with bells on. This one in particular had me hello.

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about Julie. This lady is my inspiration. She’s a take no shit lady even when the shit is coming from other mom bloggers. She stands her ground and says bring it. She inspires me to be authentic in my own writing and in my life.Julie has started a movement to end the mommy wars, to bring it out into the open and that movement is called #Mommittment. Having been on the receiving end of quite a few, “I feel so sorry for your children”, “You should be ashamed of yourself” and quite a few other not so nice comments, I’m ready to commit to not only stopping the judgments I make, but reminding others to do the same.

Dear readers, I want you to do three things for me. 1. Visit Jen’s blog if you haven’t already, 2. Definitely check out Julie’s page and read about her amazing journey and #Mommitment, and last but not least number three, enjoy the music.

Miranda Lambert – Bathroom Sink

Rebecca Lynn Howard – I Need A Vacation

Dixie Chicks – Not Ready To Make Nice

Miranda Lambert – Momma’s Broken Heart


3 thoughts on “#Mommittment and Music, A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Wow, I am amazed at how much I relate to Bathroom Sink, if you had only been a fly on the wall with me and my mom today…. this is such a great mix. I have missed this so much. There is more to come too!
    I wish you were going to Blog U, I want to meet you soooo badly! And did I mention how proud I am of you.
    But truly, as I sit here listening to your choices, man…. is there a mom who can’t relate?

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    1. I wish I was going to Blog U as well but when Yale says come, I jump. LOL I’m only about an hour and a half away from Baltimore. If you have a layover in your travels, I can meet up with you. I think Blog U is the week before Yale or vice versa.


  2. I loved your music mix and I’m so proud to be part of Momittment. Listening to the Dixie Chicks and then singing it loud and proud was so therapeutic for me!!! I realized I’m not ready to make nice or back down from the judgement I received this week. I will fight to hold my head high and say I love me just as I am. Thank you for sharing your story. 😊

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