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12 Outrageous Mom Confessions

Are there things you do as a parent that you would be embarrassed if you got caught doing? There are mine.

  1. I drink my kids’ juice boxes because I miss having them even though I tell them it’s so they don’t spill it.
  2. I’m the one that ate all the Lucky Charms marshmallows.
  3. Picking my own nose after I tell my kids to stop. I have yet to be caught though, I’m stealthy like that.
  4. I saved two slices of left over pizza for myself and then snuck and ate it in the kitchen when no one was looking. I told the kids they ate it all.
  5. I ate the last ice cream cone.
  6. I told the kids we were out of the caramel core ice cream but I keep an extra one for myself that I sneak when no one is looking.
  7. I make spaghetti when I don’t feel like cooking but don’t have money for take out. We eat spaghetti a lot.
  8. I hide in the bathroom and play Words with Friends. I’m mem718 if you want to play me.
  9. I let the kids skip bath time for no other reason than I don’t feel like doing it.
  10. I take things out the cart when the kids aren’t looking, that they put in when they think I’m not looking.
  11. I told the kids that the candy on the shelf on the store is old and they only put new candy at Halloween, No one likes to eat expired candy.
  12. I make my kids eat their vegetables and dump mine when they aren’t looking.

Is there anything you do that you’re ashamed of or would be if you got caught?



8 thoughts on “12 Outrageous Mom Confessions

  1. I laughed so hard reading these. Girlie, you’re in great company — it’s not just you. There was an blog post from Scary Mommy circulating yesterday about the top 10 (I think) TV shows moms think are annoying. Without reading I immediately thought Calliou and lo and behold it was on the list. What was hilarious was the numerous hashtags dedicated to disliking Calliou – I could hardly breathe from laughing so hard. So you’re in good company – we all do that. I “go to the bathroom” so I could eat a candy bar in peace. LOL

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  2. I emptied some change out of the bottle we are filling for Disney because I told my granddaughter when it is full we will go to Disney. it was filling up too fast so I am pulling some out and putting it in another piggy bank until she is a little older.

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