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To All The Men I’ve Loved Before

Thirty five has made me nostalgic, I really don’t know why. I still (knock on wood) have more years ahead of me than I do behind me and yet I feel like going down memory lane. The other day, I was listening to the radio and song came on that reminded me of a mix tape someone made for me. The thought occurred, why don’t I do a post about the songs I’ve been sent over the years.

I just realized that title makes me sound like a slut, I’m really not, I just inspire a lot of mix tapes. 

I’m digging back into the vault for a few of these but the following are the ones that I actually remember from my early years of dating to now.

1. Toad The Wet Sprocket – Windmills

The song wasn’t put on a mixtape we just listened to the Dulcinea album a lot. I don’t know why, Toad really isn’t that great a band but it was the 90’s and I claim young and dumb on this one. I claim young and dumb on a lot of things.

2. Paul Simon – Bernadette

Never date an old man, when you do you get songs like this sent to you. It’s a pretty song and I can appreciate it now but really 10 plus years difference in age when you’re barely 20 is really too much.

3. Buckcherry – Crazy Bitch

This song is what happens when two wrongs get together. I should have know when I got this song on a mix tape that something was seriously wrong with our relationship.

4. Brad Paisley – The World

A cute song, everyone wants to feel like they are someone’s world even if it is short lived.

5. Kenny Chesney – Anything But Mine

Summer love… The only good song Kenny Chesney ever released.

6. Harry Connick Jr. – I Could Write a Book

Having this song sung to me was the most romantic moment of my life.

7. Brad Paisley – Perfect Storm



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