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8 Unique Ways To Romance Her

Single moms are no different from any other woman, the difference is there are things that we’ll appreciate just a little bit more. Being a single mom, I can safely say that the following would make me swoon with gratitude. This list goes beyond candy and flowers.

1. Knight in the Snowstorm

Some of the best things are done without the other person knowing you are even doing it. Next time it snows, go over to her house in the morning and shovel her path to her car and clean her car off. There is nothing worse in the morning than to having to get up, clean your car off and bundle up three kids, all at five in the morning. Waking up to find it already done, priceless.

2. Little Surprises

I always say that there are three things a single mom needs: a good sitter, good friends and more money. Two of those you can’t do anything about but you can be a good friend. The best way to be a good friend is to acknowledge the situation that your mom girlfriend is in and try to help anonymously. The next time you’re waiting for your date to get ready, pay the sitter without her knowing. If you’re allowed to stay over, get up in the morning and make breakfast for everyone but make sure you find out what the kids like to eat ahead of time.

3. Constant Reminders

Most women after they’ve had kids hate their bodies, it takes a long time to come to terms with the new body you’ve been stuck with. Some come to this realization quicker than others. If you have a woman with body issues constantly reminder of how beautiful you think her body is, not her, her body. How do you do that without sounding like a horn dog? You go to Victoria’s Secret and buy her the sexiest lingerie you can find. I’m not talking about frilly little lacy things, go all out full on fantasy type stuff. She may hem and haw that she won’t look good in it, tell her to wear it anyway. Then treat her like the sexy goddess you think she is.

4. Kid Time

Once you’ve met the kids and have started to establish a relationship with them, take the time to learn their likes and dislikes, especially with the older kids. Don’t assume that all six-year-old girl wants a Build A Bear. What they want is stability in their life so don’t rush on meeting the kids unless YOU want to stick around for a long time. If you think that if you say no, I’m not ready to meet the kids yet, that some sort of fight will ensue, you’re dead wrong. Letting her know that you value her children’s feelings and that you don’t take it lightly is more endearing than a fool who rushes in, remember that.

5. Patient Zero

At any moment, someone could come down with a stomach bug. Don’t take it as a brush off, kids get sick all the time. Instead, offer to help and if she says she fine, help anyway. Go to the store and grab the following supplies: chicken broth, chicken soup, Pedialyte or Gatorade, Clorox wipes, Cranberry juice and crackers. Leave the items at her front door with a handwritten note. Nothing says love like a bag of Clorox wipes, I’m totally serious. After the kids are well expect a handsome reward.

6. Be Flexible

The traditional date night of a Friday night dinner and a movie goes out the window when dating a single mom. Date night could be Wednesday night because her Ex has the kids and she doesn’t have to pay a babysitter. The ability for you to be flexible with her schedule goes a long way.

7. The Things She Goes Without

Every parent goes without for their kids, there’s just never enough money in the bank to do what you want to do for them and for yourself. The main things i go without are books and CDs. I know, who buys CDs anymore. I would still buy vinyl records if I could find them. Point is, I go without the extras so my kids can have what they need and want, it’s what parents do. Knowing what your girl goes without for her kids and making it happen will definitely put a feather in your cap.

8. Get Creative

Homemade gifts are the best way of showing someoneย you care. It’s very easy to just got out and buy something but when you take your time to create something, those gifts are more meaningful. Use your talents, everyone has one and create something only made for her, that’s definitely swoon worthy.


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