Best of 2014

I know I’m a little late but here it is, my best, most read, most commented, most talked about posts of 2014. 

Given the past week these two posts are the most timely and if last winter was any indication, these two will come in handy.

Coping With Snow Days 

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Every once in a while I get a little reflective. This post, 35 Is The New 25 is one of those posts.

Last year truly sucked, I can be honest. I’m hoping that this year will be better but I know I have to proactive about it or else it’s just not going to happen. A Simple Circle summed up how I felt at the time.

I love my friends but sometimes I notice things about them and I just have to write about it. If Divorce Isn’t a Disease, Then Why Do I Feel Contagious, ponders why some people tend to disappear when things get tough.

I’ve read on FaceBook a lot recently that are ton of people are sick with the stomach bug or the Flu. A lot of these bugs are preventable if we just did one simple thing, Wash Your Friggin’ Hands!

I got a lot of flack for this post on the various media it was shared to. I was kind of surprised by that. To me this was one of my more benign posts but you can’t control how people take things. 5 Things Divorced Moms Wish Dads Would Do.

When I started back to full time work, I forgot how curious ad entertaining people can be. The Ten People You’ll Meet At Work was probably my most shared and most agreed with posts.

As always, thank you for reading and feel free to share anything that tickles your fancy.

Happy New Year and much love! – Michelle @Scattered Wrecks


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