Merry Christmas

Every year, I lose a little bit of that ole Christmas joy. I go through the motions and I decorate. I do the obligatory Elf movements but the joy has been sucked out of it all. Where are you Christmas?

I go back to where it all began, when I stopped enjoying Christmas. It was when my job at the time took away the Christmas party in favor of an “end of year” party. We could no longer have secret Santa because it was considered politically incorrect. I ask you how is pulling a name out of hat and then buying that person a gift, politically incorrect? You didn’t have to participate, in fact many people opted out and opted out for years before the Christmas party turned into a “year end” party. For those of us who loved that time of year and sharing it with the people when spend so much of our lives with, it was another nail in the coffin. I subsequently left that place not wanting to work for an organization that was so PC. Little did I know that the tide was changing, everyone was changing and so was Christmas.

Fast forward fifteen years and I’m still pissed. I went along with the tide for a while. I said the obligatory “Happy Holidays” or I just skipped over it entirely and went straight for “Have a wonderful New Year”. I felt cold inside. All I wanted to do was share my joy that it was Christmastime with everyone I came in contact with. What’s wrong with spreading a little joy? I’m not trying to shove Christianity down anyone’s throat, I don’t even go to church. It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year and all I want to do is let you know, I hope whatever you may do at the end of the year is great. What better way to say it, than a short and sweet, Merry Christmas.

To me, Christmas isn’t about Catholicism, Christianity, Jesus or any religion for that matter. It’s the end of year celebration with your family. Santa doesn’t discriminate based on religious affiliations. All Santa cares about is if you were “naughty” or “nice” this year. I know Santa is just a dream but what if he wasn’t? What if there was a day where everyone was the same? The only thing that mattered was if you were good or bad this year. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We don’t live in that world unfortunately, we live in a world that tells you that saying Merry Christmas is wrong. That being nice to a stranger is wrong. That’s ultimately the bottom line, that’s what we’re teaching our children, that being nice and spreading our joy is wrong.

I don’t believe it’s wrong and I’m going to continue to teach my children to wish people a Merry Christmas because a world without a little Christmas cheer and magic really isn’t one worth living in.


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