Just A Touch O'Cray

This summer I had the privilege of attending Blog U. It was amazing to meet many of my blogger idols, mentors and friends. To say I learned a few things there would be an u. More than anything Blog U gave me a renewed interest in blogging. It lit a fire under me and made me excited about again. It was like a revival for bloggers. 

In addition to meeting writers I had already come to read and admire, I had the opportunity of meeting a few new ones, two of which I’m going to introduce you to this week.

Today, I want you to head over to Why I’m Cray which is written by AwesomelyOZ. (I know her real identity and I’m not telling).  Why I’m Cray, is one of those sites that’s not only visually stimulating, it’s a verbal masterpiece. AwesomelyOZ comes at you from a place pure unadulterated truth. That’s hard to find these days when so many sites talk about the same things I’ve been guilty of, potty training, kids getting on our nerves and the stupid stuff our spouses do. While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes I don’t want to read what I’m living, I want an escape. It’s refreshing to see a writer who can wax poetic about life and all its unnecessary bullshit one minute and then teach me about tickling the next. To say this writer is random is an understatement but in her wonderful randomness, that mimics my own brain, she keeps me entertained and wanting more.

Here are a few of my favorite Why I’m Cray posts, read and enjoy.

The Post I Almost Didn’t Publish – Expresses wisdom beyond her young years and a hard lesson learned.

Game Of Thrones Historical Throwback – I learned something new the day I read this and that’s hard for me because I’m an encyclopedia of random crap.

GTFO Tickle Porn – I can almost promise you, you never knew this.




4 thoughts on “Just A Touch O'Cray

  1. Augh, I wish I had gone this year. But NEXT year. I am definitely going to plan on making this next year (fingers crossed that nothing happens to prevent this from now to them). IN the meantime, I’m going to check out the cray.


  2. Awww thank you for the shoutout love!!! 🙂 Happy to hear you enjoy my blog space! It’s work so it’s nice when others seem to appreciate that effort. It was lovely meeting you as well and hope everything is going well for you and your family. Hope you have a great one Michelle and talk soon! -Iva


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