Cat Got Your Tongue?

There are tons of blogs out there. I read a lot of them. Sometimes, they have one really funny post but never seem to be able to duplicate. Then, there are those rare occasions where you find a Blogger that really entertains you with every single post. I don’t remember when I stumbled across Cary Vaughn and his blog The Reluctant Cat Owner’s Journal, but I really am glad I did.

Here’s the thing about The Journal, it’s not just for cat lovers or cat haters in fact you don’t even have to have a pet to love his easily accessible and most often sarcastic sense of humor. The lay person would think he hates his animals but in reality, he couldn’t imagine his life any other way. The reason I love Cary’s blog isn’t because he writes about cats, it’s the way he writes period. He leaves it all on the page. Whether he’s writing about cat vomit trickling down a wall or his battle with depression, his heart, the core of his being is out there on the page for all to see. It takes a lot to let yourself be that vulnerable to another human being let alone the world.

Here’s something that you may not know about Cary, he’s loyal and sincere. If you’re lucky enough to be in his circle of IRL or online friends, you’ve made a connection that’s sincere and never fake. That’s hard to find IRL and especially online. 

Now that I’ve finished gushing about Cary, it’s time for you to check out my favorite posts from The Reluctant Cat Owner’s Journal, I know you’ll love them too. Out of all of them, my favorite was My Letter for Depression. It made me want to write myself my own letter.

1. Dr. Schizo’s Guide to Piloting an Automobile.

2. My Letter for Depression

Cary will often posts funny cat things he finds or videos he just thinks are funny and this one is my favorite.

3. You Can’t Outdo Black People

There aren’t many people who can laugh at the absurdity of themselves never the less write about it, this was one of those times.

4. Don’t You Know Who I Am?

This letter to his mom is one I hope my sons write to me someday.

5. The Rubber Letter.

Come back tomorrow to see who my favorite blogger is for Tuesday.

Still haven't perfected the selfie.
Still haven’t perfected the selfie.

6 thoughts on “Cat Got Your Tongue?

  1. Being a cat owner…er, staff member, Cary’s blog gets me laughing my ass off every time at the shenanigans cats get into. Add in his awesome writing and it’s a winner.


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