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I'm Baaack…..

Now that the summer is winding down and the wonderful Jen Kehl has announced that Twisted Mix Tapes are returning, I can come back to the blogging world. 


I used to say, summer was the best time of the year but this summer has been stressful, it has been long and not very hot. Although, it did have its moments.  I guess you’re wondering, what was I doing if I wasn’t blogging? Here’s a quick recap of how I spent my summer.

The summer started with a minor surgery on the menu. Colin somehow managed to get a bead stuck in his ear and when the ER tech tried to get it out, it went in further. This required him to be put under to have it removed and the night before just so happened to be Mother’s Day, we went out to celebrate.


This boy loves fried shrimp the way I love a good burger. While we’re on the subject of burgers, I got to try an outrageously expensive burger that had not only a fried egg on it but bacon and avocado. It was awesome, I highly recommend it.

Now back to Colin, the great thing about anesthesia, is that you get to see what a person is like drunk and Colin will be a funny drunk. That kid had me dying, I always knew he was the life of the party.

For their birthday over Memorial Day weekend, all they wanted to do was go to their favorite lunch spot.

Tropical Smoothie is their favorite place, hands down, at least it’s healthier than McDonald’s.



I went back to work full-time in June. The boys are starting school in fall, so it’s Hi Ho, Hi Ho back to work I go. (I know, I’ve been watching too much Once Upon A Time) I really enjoy my job and being around adults again. Finding the time and energy to be creative has been a challenge but I’m working on it.

In other news….

As the one year anniversary of Scattered Wrecks looms before me what can you, my wonderful readers expect to see. More of the same funny and sarcastic stories I’ve always told. I’m going to start off next week with a bang and showcase my five favorite bloggers that if you’re not reading them – you need to be. They have kept me entertained and inspired through the summer and I want to share them with you next week. After that, look for a blog post every Tuesday and Thursday because you know I love Mix Tape Tuesdays and every Thursday, I’ll have something new for you to read. It might be funny or it might make you want to go cry in a corner who knows, depends on my mood. 

Happy End of Summer folks and see you here next week!

What's a summer recap without a beach shot?
What’s a summer recap without a beach shot?

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