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Lip Sync Battle – Mother's Day Edition

I love Jimmy Fallon. I never stay up to watch the Tonight Show, I usually catch clips on You Tube. Then one day, I caught a clip of Jimmy Fallon having a lip sync battle and I thought, wow this would be fun to do. I took to Facebook and enlisted the help of my fellow bloggers and today we have our first lip sync battle, just in time for Mother’s Day, proving once again how versatile us Mothers really are.

I am so excited, I’m standing beside myself. I’m a lover of music and my first two lip sync battlers (is that even a word??) are two women who I not only look up to as far as their writing is concerned but also as remarkable women who have very unique voices and aren’t afraid to share them. I am honored to have them on my blog for the first battle.

Our first contender, Susannah Lewis blogs at Whoa Susannah! I love her blog because she makes me laugh and see life in a way that I never saw it before. Through her writing she has strengthened my own faith but I have to warn you, if you piss her off, she will post it on Facebook. LOL I asked Susannah for one post that she thought best sums up her blog for those of you who may never have read her writing and she gave me this one, “I’m Guilty of These Five Parenting Mistakes (And You Probably Are, Too!)”

Our second lip syncher, Linda Roy blogs at Elleroy Was Here. Her blog, like mine is a mix of her passions. If you doubt her talent, check out her song parodies. Linda is one very talented lady. My favorite “We Can’t Stop”, is how every mom feels and she nailed it. 

So here’s how the battle works, watch both videos then you the viewer get to decide who “brought it”. To the winner goes the spoils and the bragging rights. If you’re interested in joining our Battle Group please stop by our Facebook page, we’d be happy to have you.

 Susannah Lewis – Dear Mama by 2 Pac



Linda Roy – Sweet Child o’Mine by Guns and Roses

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