100 Happy Days

It time to start living differently, I’m taking a challenge to push me in that direction. Would you like to join me?

February hasn’t been the best of months for me. I was excited at the start of 2014, new year, new me. Little did I know how “new” this was going to be. I was watching a movie a few weeks ago, August: Osage County. It was really good and I would recommend it but what stuck with me about the movie was one line. Julia Roberts’ character says, “Thank God we can’t tell the future, we’d never get out of bed”. She says this is response to the fact that her High School prom date is now the one taking her to retrieve her father. Which brings me to the question, if we knew the future would you risk the pain for the moments of happiness?fingers

I don’t know the answer to that question.

What I do know is this, if I focus too much on all the horrible things that will happen in the future, I wouldn’t want to get out of bed, What about all the good things? I’d want to get out of bed for those. I’d want to be there for all my kids’ firsts to celebrate with them. I want to be there for all the mundane everyday silly things that they do to bring a smile to my face. Smiles are hard to come by these days and I am grateful for every one.

I want to live a happier and more grateful life. I want to appreciate the every day things more. Wanting to do it and actually doing it are two different things. I resolved to exercise everyday and my work out video is still in the box. I need motivation, so I went and found it here.

I’m starting the 100 Happy Days challenge today, from now until June follow me on my social media links to see what has made me happy that day. Look for #100happydays.

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