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The Super Bowl That Wasn't So Super

I’ve never been so disinterested in something I used to enjoy. 

I’d like to say I was looking forward to this year’s Super Bowl but I wasn’t. I count myself as a football fan. I usually participate in football pools and follow a few teams, the 49ers and the Eagles most devotedly. This year, I would have to say, I really didn’t care about football.

As the regular season came to a close, I found myself wondering, “when exactly is the Superbowl?” The fact that I didn’t know when it was or where it was being played surprised me. Normally, I would have been excited by the fact that it was in New York (kinda sorta) this year, I was just blah about it all. 

The game was dull. I knew when the first play resulted in a safety that there weren’t enough Buffalo Wings and Spinach dip in the world to save this night. I started playing Candy Crush and watched the game out of the corner of my eye wishing for something interesting to happen.

Eventually, I discovered that more was happening on Twitter and Facebook than the actual Superbowl. Status updates like these from Whoa Susannah were far more entertaining than the game I was watching. These are two of my favorites.




Eventually, I stopped focusing on the game, especially after the halftime show was over and looked to Twitter and Facebook for my evening entertainment. I’m sure everyone has seen the picture of the Bronco circulating with the message, “the last time a Bronco had a good run was in 1994”. 

I hope next year is better, I doubt it could be any worse but at least I know now where to turn for some real Superbowl entertainment. Next year, I’m watching the puppy bowl. 

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