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My Happy Tape – Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday

Back in the days when you had to make mix tapes with actual cassettes. I used to make a tape, I referred to as my “Happy Tape”. Whenever I was in a bad mood or just needed a little pick me up, it was there for me. Now I’m going to spread the wealth.

These are five of my most treasured songs that bring a smile to my face and a spring to my step whenever I turn them on. If I was going to make a tape to cheer you up, these are what I would include. Enjoy!


I have an unnatural affinity for Journey.

It’s the Cure, I don’t think I need any further explanation.

This song just makes me smile, maybe its because I wish all my exes lived in Texas…

I remember this song from being a kid. It might have been a classic even then. Anyway, I still love it.

I really want to know if it’s going to be summer soon? Seriously, I’m sick of the cold and I promise not to complain when it gets too hot for me. I really need to move to L.A.

Anything by Jack Johnson gets you in that silly, happy mood.

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7 thoughts on “My Happy Tape – Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday

  1. I share your passion for Journey, though I didn’t have any on my mixtape this week. It was on the list, but when it was all said and done, I followed a trend that Journey just didn’t fit. Your mix is great, however, and I can hear why it gives you boost!


  2. So my husband used to sing Lights to Isaiah as a lullaby, he would sing “When the lights, go down on Isaiah…” it was so cute. I try and remember that on the days I want to kill him. My husband, not Isaiah.
    Also, this is a great list! EVERY song could be on my happy list!


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