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I Liked To Dance In The 90s – Twisted Mixtape Tuesday

Even though I am a self professed 80’s kid, weaned on Nintendo and MTV, in reality I’m really a 90’s kid. My formative years, ages 11 through 20 were spent in this decade. So when Jen announced that this week’s Twisted Mixtape was dance music in honor of a fellow blogger’s brother who recently passed away, I got excited. It was a chance to go back and re-listen to songs I haven’t heard in a while. So to honor his memory and his love of club music, I give you my favorites from the 90’s.

Nothing got me up and moving more than this song in the early 90’s. Shanice’s Β “I Love Your Smile” had all that cutesy bubble gum flavor to it that an 11 year girl loves.

I had to it, I really did. Every time I see Mark Walhberg in a movie I have to sing this song in my head. I told the husband if I ever met Mr. Marky Mark I was going to ask him to sign the autogragh “Love Marky Mark”. The Husband said I would probably get throat punched if I did that. I still think it’s funny though. If you’ll do anything to be famous don’t surprised when it comes back to haunt you later.

I remember back when the Hubby and I were just dating and as usual we had the radio on driving around. By this point, I was comfortable with being myself, either that or I just didn’t care anymore so when the chorus came on I yelled out “OH” and he nearly jumped out of his skin. I guess he and his friends didn’t do that when that song came on…

Now I don’t know a damn thing about how south central does it? I really don’t know how any place does it or what exactly they do but I do love this song.

“I came to win, battle me it’s a sin.” You ever hear someone sing or rap a song and you never expected it before? That was the Hubby with me on this song. It was a lot like this moment in “The Proposal” but the Husband knows I’m crazy so that’s okay.

I had about five more songs that I wanted to add. I could really go on for days in this category but maybe I will save it for another post. Of the five songs I had left of my off the top of my head list, this one had to make the cut. No diggity, no doubt. Play on Playas.

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16 thoughts on “I Liked To Dance In The 90s – Twisted Mixtape Tuesday

  1. I LOVE (LOVE!!!!) that Shanice song, OMG the memories it brought back to me. It was on a tape that I played until it broke and then needed to make that MIX again because I adored the song so much.

    ALL these songs were gems, all made me want to dance and hop around like a 20 yr old again. in the 90’s I was in my 20’s…but it didn’t mean I didn’t love Marky Mark too. πŸ™‚

    thank you so much for taking part this week, It means a great deal to me. πŸ™‚


    1. First and foremost you have my condolences for the loss of your brother. I’m so glad that my mix tape not only brought a smile to your face but also evoked good memories. Music is powerful in that way. No need to thank me at all, I was proud to be included in this salute to your brother.


  2. I loved to dance to all these “back in the day”. Still do and try to get my son to shake his booty along with me. That doesn’t work out so well. Smart kid. Fantastic list!


  3. Yay! Another No Diggity!! I’m actually surprised that its on 3 different mixtapes within the first 8 link ups! I forgot all about This is How We Do it!


  4. You’re another one who basically did my soundtrack to my cruise ship travels I love the memories!!! You were kind enough to not include Mambo #5 and so you win the prize!
    I also really love that Shanice song, thank you for that! It is so comfy, is that a word that describes music?


    1. Comfy can definitely describe music. That should be a theme. Music that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside like an old warm blanket or music that’s like an old friend that comes to visit you. I already have 1, it’s called one flight down by Norah Jones. That’s a blanket song.


  5. Oh my gosh. I love this mix! Every song was one of my favorites growing up. πŸ™‚ I almost put Marky Mark on mine, too. I remember going to see him and his boxers live in concert. LOL!


  6. Ah the memories. I love that you yelled out “OH” and your then future husband was surprised! I did something similar to my husband but now he’s used to me singing along and is comfortable telling me to knock it off. Also I don’t know how anybody does it either but I love that song too. It’s almost impossible not to dance to it!


  7. I’d forgotten about the Shanice song until you posted it here tonight – but the rest of them I loved. EMF makes me think of a specific summer at work; Jump Around – well! I’d STILL dance to that – and Marky Mark just makes me smile.

    Great mix!


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