Food · Wordless Wednesday

Chasing The Dragon – Wordless Wednesday

It’s never as good as the first time.

Creme Brulee In WV

I’m a foodie. I’m not a snob foodie, I’m way too broke for that nonsense. I just like to eat really good food and try new things as often as possible. I have always wanted to try Creme Brulee and until this one particular evening, I never had the chance. It was a date night, the Husband and I got all dolled up and when to Charles town Races and Slots. You really didn’t need to get dressed up for this place, It is in West Virginia. We wanted to spice things up and pretend like we were high rollers. It was a really fun night, I won $300 dollars using a quarter on a slot a machine and I got to try this creme brulee. The chef must have known I was coming because not only was the dessert AMAZING but the latte I had with it was for the record books and I have been chasing the dragon ever since.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with drug terminology, “chasing the dragon” refers to that very first high. It’s the first time you ever take a drug and it sends you to that wonderful happy place. It’s pretty sad that food sends me to the pretty happy place but it does. (Don’t judge). No matter what you do, you will NEVER experience that high the same way again. It’s never as good as the first time, you can say that about so many things…

While in New York City for New Year’s Eve I decided to get creme brulee while out to dinner. It was okay, it wasn’t amazing and it for damn sure didn’t take me to that happy place I was looking so forward to seeing again.

Have you ever eaten something so good, it has you chasing the dragon?

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