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Top 5 Ballads of 2013 – A Twisted Mixtape

I love Jen Kehl of My Skewed View and if you haven’t checked out her site, then you need to stop reading right now and go there. You can always come back here later. Her Twisted Mixtape Tuesdays bring me joy every week, I love participating in them and seeing what everyone else comes up with. I almost forgot to mention, she’s a great writer too who makes me laugh and I quote her to my husband on a regular basis.  So when Jen called me out and asked me what I was going to do for this week’s mix tape because I already did a best of 2013, I was like you’ll see… (insert my insane laugh here).

I’m an 80’s kid. Not the 80’s kids that were cool and sniffing cocaine in bathroom stalls in NYC clubs. I’m the 80’s kid that was 8 in the late 80’s. I sat around playing Legend of Zelda and recorded it on VHS tapes when I got farther than my friends to prove that I did it. Man, if we only had You Tube back then…

The one thing I loved about the 80’s were the hair bands and awesome rock ballads. So without further ado and not too much research, I give you the best ballads of 2013 by group or singers I knew of but didn’t really listen to with the exception of Pink (Ya’ll know I love me some Pink). Wow, that’s a long title.

This song has the huge chorus that you just have to belt out when you sing it. It’s the signature of a good power ballad. This will also probably be the only time you ever see a Miley Cyrus song on any of my twisted mix tapes, so enjoy it.

“Right from the start you were a thief you stole my heart”. I could say that about every Pink song. You can tell she’s been married a few years. Anyone who’s ever been married could write this song about any point in their marriage. I also like the fact that she uses her husband in her videos. I think that’s classy, if you’re going to do a love scene, do it with your husband or not at all.

All you need is a man and piano to create an awesome ballad. Every time this came on the radio I was belting it out.

Hunter Hayes tapped into the need of every woman in the world in one song. All women want to feel wanted. Not just the normal placation we all get because as he says, anyone can tell you you’re pretty. He wants to make you feel wanted and needed.

Just for my Husband who has what I think is an unnatural attachment to Shinedown. I’ll Follow You, Probably the only song of theirs that I like. Which I know as I’m writing this, isn’t true because the Hubby constantly puts on songs that I will ask, “wow that’s good who is that”? He’ll reply Shinedown and then I say well yeah that sucks. I do it just to irritate him, I hope he knows this. If not, then he sure enough does now.

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14 thoughts on “Top 5 Ballads of 2013 – A Twisted Mixtape

  1. Nice post.:) Mine includes an 80s reference or two, as well. 🙂 I agree about the Miley chorus (and also would not typically have her on my list! And I’ve never been a Pink fan, but totally agree about your assessment of putting her man in her videos! Cheers.


    1. I will have to check yours out. I’ve been down with the plague. I still feel like crap. I feel even worse because everyone have come over and given me love and I have returned zip. I promise to catch up over the weekend. Hopefully I will be less ill by then.


  2. My BF sent me that Hunter Hayes song. It’s totally not my type of music….but message received. Lordy.
    And Wrecking Ball, what can I say?! I love that damn song and I love Miley’s crazy, flat-assed self.
    I too was a kid in the 80s.


  3. Oh I do love me some Bruno Mars, I also love when Glee covers him 🙂 I remember when Hunter Hayes was first on the scene, I’m glad he made it. And LOL about Shinedown! My husband and I have that, obviously 🙂 This was a great list, AND I love you you too, so sweet for the shout out 😉


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