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Remembrance Of Things Past: A Twisted Mixtape

Follow my blog with BloglovinI look forward to Twisted Mixtape Tuesdays. I would say that it makes my Tuesdays more bearable. I love the thrill I get with each new challenge and the giddiness that comes when I find the perfect song. I feel like a school girl giggling because a crush smiled at me. This week, the theme was past mistakes and since it’s the new year and everyone gets a little nostalgic around this time of year, I decided to do a musical representation of my past mistakes.

At least once in everyone’s life, I hope, we have had a moment where we wake up next to someone and we think, WTH why do I do this to myself. I’ve had that moment, more than a few times. Ms. Womack sings this song beautifully and nothing is more true than the lyric, “Everybody has someone they just can’t help but want.” Some of the worst mistakes I’ve ever made was convincing myself that I could change other people. You can’t change the spots on a leopard the same way you’re going to hate yourself in the morning.

If you asked any woman, they would probably say most of their past mistakes lie in the romance department. It’s true for me as well. Some people force you to make repeated mistakes until you eventually learn and stop repeating the past. When you look back years later, they turn out to be your favorite mistake. 

Joey is a song about what ifs. The questions that plague you through life that you will never get an answer to because you can’t change the past. You made your decisions and your life now is the result of that. It’s a shame we all don’t have a guardian angel to show us what life would have been like if we would have chosen path A instead of B. 

I break things. I break people’s will, I wear them down until they just give in. It’s just easier that way. I went through most of my 20’s not really caring about people’s feelings and doing whatever I wanted. I regret a lot of that and made a lot of years later apologies. It really didn’t matter to those people affected but it mattered to me. Sometimes you have to eat crow to bring more good mojo into your life. Thankfully, I don’t do it anymore. I’ve passed that trait onto my husband, he has a bad habit of breaking glassware, accidentally on purpose. Especially when it’s an ugly mug he got as a birthday gift. 

I have foot in mouth syndrome, it has been the bane of my existence and the best thing about me, my whole life. You either love me or hate me but at some point I’m going to have to tell you I’m sorry. 



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12 thoughts on “Remembrance Of Things Past: A Twisted Mixtape

  1. I’m so with you on that guardian angel thing, cause I’m just a curious cat and would love to know if different choices would have resulted in different lives. Great job!


  2. Oddly enough, just before I read this, I had been thinking about some stuff I would have liked to do differently in the past. But we can’t go back, and I guess the path we take leads us to where we are now. Interesting thoughts here – and you’ve introduced me to several new songs. i didn’t know any of these.


  3. I Break Things is definitely my favorite! I had never heard it before, loved it. My husband breaks things too, we no longer have wine glasses, we drink out of highballs now instead because he can’t knock them over 🙂
    Loved this list, love that you love it, and love how honest you are, it makes your mix that much better. You can say your sorry to me anytime 🙂


  4. So much of what you wrote here struck a chord with me, Michelle. I’ve definitely cut my nose off to spite my face trying to change people in order to fix problems in a relationship, which is pretty much the same as banging your head against a brick wall to try and cure a headache! I’d agree that when you ask most women about their past mistakes they’d most likely start talking about relationships. And the thing is, once a relationship has problems, those problems spill into all other areas of our lives, don’t they? Into our relationship with our family and friends, into our work, our ability to organise our lives and handle stress. That song ‘Joey’ is cool. It’d never heard it before. I loved those bubbles on stage too!


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