2013 Best of The Blog (Another Top 10)

If you’re new to Scattered Wrecks or an avid reader, I figured I would share with you my favorite posts of this year. I started my blog in August of this year and being a first time blogger there was a learning curve like you wouldn’t believe. I rose to the challenge, I wanted to be as good as all the other kids on the block. After several blag layout changes, content changes, and eventually a host change. I’m finally at peace with my site. Going back to August, here are my ten favorite posts starting from oldest to newest.

10. The Mom I Wanted To Be – This was one of those time when I wrote something thinking it was horrible and everyone loved it. This was featured not only on Mamapedia but BlogHer as well. I feel about this one the same way Whitney Houston felt about the song, I Will Always Love You. It didn’t make me a “star” but it got me noticed and it wasn’t even my best work.

9. Diary Of A Third Wife – The Rules – When I posted this on BlogHer, I didn’t know I was going to offend so many “first wives”. All I have to say is, if the shoe fits, lace it up. I really don’t think I was being condescending at all but you be the judge.

8. Leading The Horse To Water – I’m proud of this one, it’s not my best work but I just got fed up with people telling me that I need to do things “their way”. When it comes to my family’s health what I do or don’t do is my own business. I can give you information but I’m not going to force you to comply. Do what you want, just let me do what I want, that’s all I ask.

7. On Death and Dying – I wrote this post for my mother and I was proud of how it turned out.

6. 18 Lessons I Hope They Learn By 18 – Sometimes I feel like my kids are going to go out into the world and just sink to the bottom like rocks. I came up with this list of things I hope they get into to their thick heads by the time they are 18. I hope.

5. Please, Don’t Help – It was an open letter to all husbands who are so helpful you feel like they would help you over a cliff. This post was also featured on BlogHer.

4. Sing With Me – This was one of the first posts I wrote for the Yeah Write Speakeasy and I was pretty proud of how it came out.

3. Egg Nog Induced Rants – My husband is a normally funny guy but this time he really went off the rails.

2. The Post I Didn’t Want To Write – I wrote this one during National Blog Post Month. It was one of those days where I had no idea what to write and just grabbed a topic that was dear to me and left it all on the page screen. BlogHer loved it and featured it during NaBloPoMo, I received a huge response from it. There were quite a few women who commented and that really touched me in the days following that post. My heart goes out to all of them.

1. The Husband – This is my favorite short story that I’ve written so far and the one I got the biggest response from.

I hope you enjoy the highlights from this past year and I’m looking forward to writing for you all in 2014. I can’t wait to see what a full year of blogs will bring.

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