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Christmas Booty and Cabin Fever

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you got everything you wanted. If you didn’t, try not to be so greedy and maybe next year you’ll be satisfied. ; )

Our tree on Christmas Eve
Our tree on Christmas Eve

Santa was incredibly good to me and the kids and we had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas Eve we had a small get together with the In-Laws and the kids got their presents. Conner got an over the door basketball hoop to put down in playroom which is now broken. The husband and I had a bet between ourselves on how long it would be before it broke. He said before the week was out, I said February. Evidently, I gave them too much credit because as of last night – it’s cracked. The result of too many people hanging off of it. The oldest too are incredibly tough on toys. So glad I didn’t get the 4 In 1 play table like I wanted to get for the playroom. Sometimes, not getting a gift is a blessing in disguise.

Haileigh having a Red Rider BB Gun moment with the Furby we told her she wasn't getting this year.
Haileigh having a Red Rider BB Gun moment with the Furby we told her she wasn’t getting this year.

Christmas Eve we drove around and looked at houses and sang Christmas carols int he car and then wound up at home where Polka-Dot out Elf had left the Christmas Eve presents for the kids. Everyone put on their Christmas Pajamas and then we all huddled up together on the couch to watch A Christmas Story. Then with one last check of the Norad Santa tracker, I sent the kids off to bed and the Hubby and  I stayed up to put the presents under the tree. Now, I swear every year we get in bed and forget the cookies for Santa. This year was no exception and my Husband took care of it that morning before the kids got up.

The Irish coffees (with Whiskey) the Hubby and I had while the kids opened gifts.
The Irish coffees (with Whiskey) the Hubby and I had while the kids opened gifts.

Christmas morning began with the Hubby and I exchanging our gifts to one another in bed. Then he went downstairs and cranked the Christmas music, signalling to the kids that it was indeed time to get up. We had a breakfast buffet and then unwrapped our presents.All in all, it was a wonderful day.

As with any holiday, we spend so much time planning and getting ready for it and it’s over so quickly. Then after, we come down from the high only to realize that we are stuck in the house with these people til January 3rd and what are we going to do with them?

Yesterday, I just wanted to get out of the house. I think we all had too much togetherness on Christmas, even though the oldest spent most of the day in the basement attached to his Xbox. So we went out and did a little after Christmas Shopping. Picked up more Duplos for the little guys because they were such a big hit and we were going to get more Thomas trains as well but they were sold out. The boys got haircuts because after Christmas the Barbershops are empty. It was a nice day and we managed to kill enough time til the boys napped and then we played Trivial Pursuit with the rest of the kids and I slaughtered them, as usual (even the Hubby). My only talent is that I can remember an insane amount of useless facts.

The boys love their Thomas train.
The boys love their Thomas train.

With the rest of the week looming before us, I’m glad that we are going away. I’m kind of burnt on family time as most parents are this time of year and we just want some downtime to ourselves. Is it wrong to want a little “you” during a “family” holiday? I think we may need it.

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