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This Blog Is On Fire: Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday

Today’s twisted mix tape theme is “this could have sent me to jail”. Then I thought, if I was going to go to jail for something what would it most likely be? For those of you who just shouted MURDER, you can piss off. HA HA. If I was going to go to jail for something it would most likely be arson. So let’s burn it down together shall we?

Miranda Lambert – Kerosene
Yep, that’s me, just calmly walking along setting shit on fire. 
Martina McBride – Independence Day
Nothing like burning your spouse in his bed.
The Prodigy – Firestarter
Kudos if you can understand more than just Firestarter in this song. I always loved this song, it gets me pumped up before an argument. It’s my equivalent to taking off my earrings and jewelry before I knock you out. If you hear this song playing and you’re anywhere in my vicinity, just know that I’m mad and you should back away now.
Bloodhound Gang – The Roof is on Fire
The chant at every HS and College party when things got a little out of hand. I liked the remake better than the original.
Midnight Oil – Beds Are Burning
I know this song really isn’t about burning beds. It was a protest song about climate change and blah, blah, blah. Not really interested, what I am interested in is that this song for some unknown reason always reminded me of that 80’s made for TV movie where Farrah Faucet torched her husband in his bed. So when I hear “Beds Are Burning”, I think Farrah Faucet + burning your husband alive = arson. 
Hope you enjoyed my twisted mix tape. See you next week. Happy Thanksgiving and don’t burn your house down deep frying your turkey.




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13 thoughts on “This Blog Is On Fire: Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday

  1. Brilliant. Love the way you chose fire…and yeah, Martina pretty well nails it in that video, I actually had not heard of the song or seen the video. It for sure makes me think of The Burning Bed and other things along those lines.


  2. Dude. You are never getting near my son. Did you read the tagline on my button? You know what? I'm gonna make you go over to my blog and read what it says on the button for My Skewed View…nuff said, oh yeah and AWESOME.


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