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Wordless Wednesday: Pink Is The New Blue

When I had my twins we were strapped financially. They weren’t planned, even one extra child wasn’t planned. My first husband and I weren’t in a good place at all in our relationship when the news came so the added pressure of twins just put the nail in the coffin. Add to that all the other nonsense that happened and that was pretty much it.

I was looking over the boys baby photos last night and thinking back on that time in my life. I remembered so many people giving me grief because I would use my daughters stuff on them. I didn’t dress them in girls clothes but if they needed and undershirt I grabbed one of Bry’s old ones. If their one set of blue sheets were in the wash I grabbed Bry’s pink ones. We had a ton of stuff for our daughter because she was the first and when i had her we were both working and had disposable income. Then the economy tanked and I became a stay at home mom. Buying more than was needed was not an option. So I wind up with tons of baby pictures like this.

The Boys caught fighting in their crib.


Colin’s first sweet potatoes.


Quinn rockin’ his baby guns.

What these pictures remind me is that your kids don’t need tons of crap. My boys had pink sheets and one had a pink infant carrier. They both grew up to be rough and tumble boys who destroy my house on the regular. I used to beat myself up about all the “things” they didn’t have but they knew something then that I didn’t realize until now, pink is the new blue.


3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Pink Is The New Blue

  1. My daughter wore some of her brother's things and our third son wore some of his sister's things. Who the heck cares what color a bib or crib sheet is? Oh, wait. My MIL does. :)I see no point in spending money to buy things just because what you have isn't the "right" color. For the record, I did not put my boys in their sister's dresses. They did that on their own when they were older. πŸ™‚


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