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Living In A Movie: NaBloPoMo Day 12

I’m a little behind my plan for NaBloPoMo. I had 30 days of blogs preplanned and so far I’ve written at least four that just popped into my head so now, I’m left picking through my list trying to find something worthwhile for today. BlogHer has these writing prompts which are very helpful when you don’t feel like writing but you do. Which means, that right now I’m too lazy to come up with my own idea, so I’m going to use theirs. Since I love movies, I knew I would have to write the one about being trapped in a movie.

When I pondered this question, if you were trapped in a movie which one would you pick and why? My first response was Gone with the Wind. I love that movie but nowhere did it say that I would be Scarlett O’Hara, the question just said you would be trapped in a movie. So I thought about it. Me, trapped in the 1800’s in the South, during the Civil War. Yeah, that isn’t happening. 1. I hate the heat (no AC, really how did people live?) and 2. I hate cleaning my own house so I’ll be damned if I’m cleaning someone else’s. So, out went the idea of Gone with the Wind.
Then, I thought about the other movies I love. Cold Mountain – no way, Civil War era West Virginia. Zombieland, I’m not that good of a shot. Jurassic Park, I really don’t want to be a T-Rex’s toothpick. Schindler’s List – Um…No. I was starting to see a pattern. All the movies I loved would not be good to get stuck in and I really had to think carefully about what movie I chose. This question was not as cut and dry as I thought. At this point, I was thinking I would rather be stuck in a TV show. Gossip Girl would be my first choice. No war, no one trying to eat me and a large disposable income. What’s not to love? However, the question said movie and not TV show so I was back to the drawing board.
I watch a lot of period pieces, movies like Emma, Pride and Prejudice and the like. Living in Victorian England. That might be nice. The accents, the clothes and especially the manners. What’s not to love? The drawbacks of living in Victorian England, piss pots, the lack of a hot shower, having to share bath water (eww), and no central heat. I love a good ambient fire, emphasis on the word ambient. This should not be your only heat source especially in England where it’s cold, wet and did I mention COLD. I would probably die of consumption within a fortnight.  Oh, how the 21st Century has spoiled me.
I need to live in a world with cell phones, Candy Crush, Kindles, DVRs, indoor plumbing, hot water that you don’t have to boil yourself, AC, electricity, laptops and pre-lit Christmas Trees. I have no idea how people lived before these things. No wonder when you look at old photographs they all look miserable. I would have the same expression when faced with stringing tangled lights on a tree.
Writing this piece made me realize that we are blessed to live in such an era of convenience. If I had to live in any of the time periods of my favorite movies, I wouldn’t survive. The people that lived back then had it much harder than we ever will. They survived. They kept calm and carried on. How many of us could say the same?

Comments are appreciated!

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