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The Plague: NaBloPoMo Day 7

I’m not talking about Bubonic or the Zombie disease, I mean Strep. 
Yeah, I got it and it sucks. I refuse to let the fever, chills, sore throat, headache and nasty on the verge of upchucking cough deter me from making my daily post for NaBloPoMo. When I say I’m going to do all 30 days, I mean it. Unfortunately, for you my reader, it means you’re going to get one hell of a sucky blog post today.One of the things I love about being a germaphobe and having OCD is the fact that in times like this, the kids are relatively in the clear. Yeah, I have Strep and yes that’s highly contagious BUT I’m a germaphobe and I hate to eat or drink after people. Better still, I never let anyone eat or drink after me, so the kids are golden. God willing I won’t have to deal with any of them catching this because as you all know, it’s a lot easier to deal with yourself with an illness then a bunch of whiny irritable children. 

Tonight, I’m sure they will all be discussing the perks to mom being sick.

1. Junk food all day long.
When I’m sick the meals just go right out the window. It’s time for an endless supply of Chinese, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Five Guys and Papa John’s. As an added bonus for them, Halloween was last week so I’m sure they are all cheering about that wonderful timing. I’m really not going to notice when they sneak off into the kitchen to grab those extra pieces of candy.

2. TV 
I pretty much don’t care what they watch as long as they aren’t yelling, screaming, fussing or fighting. So if the older ones chose to duct tape the younger ones to the wall so they can watch Halloween 4. Well, at least they are quiet.

3. All punishments go out the window. 
It’s pretty much bedlam until dad gets home. As long as no one dies or sets the house on fire, I’m good.

So until my voice returns along with my stamina. Have at it kids. This only comes around maybe once or twice a year. Enjoy your parenting free holiday courtesy of Streptococcus.


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