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The Life List: NaBloPoMo Day 4

One of the things that sucks about getting older is the loss of dreams. The zest for life that comes from just being young and having your whole entire life ahead of you. Once you get into your 30s, the story of your life is half written. You’ve lived through you’re high school days, went to all your rowdy college parties, had your heartbroken more than a few times and now you’ve settled down with your prince and popped out a few kids. There’s no more wonder, the characters in your story are all present and accounted for, now it’s time to just simply live.

What is there to look forward to? The days have started to blend into each other with school lunches to be made, laundry to fold and kids’ activities to go to. Your life, your dreams are no longer your own. They have merged into the family. Sometimes taking a backseat. It doesn’t have to be that way. I realized that about three months ago when I started Scattered Wrecks. You can do something that makes you happy without sacrificing everyone else. That’s why I went ahead and made a Life List.
Do you have a Life List? I’m not talking about a Bucket list. Those lists we make when we know we’re going to die. I’m talking about making a list to live by. If you don’t have one you should because every time I complete something off of my Life List, I feel like I’ve accomplished something. This is mine, in random order.
1. Go to College.
2. Get a job after graduation.
3. Live in D.C.
4. See Elton John in concert.
5. Write a novel.
6. Get novel published.
7. Visit every state in the country.
I’m still working on this one. So far I’ve visited: Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania (grew up there), Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina.
8. Go to Mexico.
9. Hit Powerball.
10. Have kids.
11. See Billy Joel in concert.
12. Catch a show in Vegas.
13. Stay at the Bellagio and/or the Luxor in Vegas.
14. Dip my feet in the Pacific Ocean.
15. Vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.
16. Stay for the whole summer at the beach with the kids.
17. See my grandchildren.
18. See my great grandchildren.
19. Celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary by renewing our vows and have the big wedding we didn’t get to have.
20. Send all the kids to College.
21. Go on a castle tour through Europe.
22. Eat real Chinese food in Beijing.
23. Be there for my daughter when she has her first child.
24. Build a house.
25. Have the courage to wear a bikini.
26. Road trip across country.
27. Take the kids to a concert.
We took the older ones this past summer and I look forward to taking the younger ones to their first concert.
28. Live in D.C. again once the kids are all grown.
29. Set money aside so my husband can retire early.
30. Learn to do something new every day.
A lot of my Life List is doable, a lot of it just depends on what fate has in store for me. My mom passed away before she could meet her grandchildren so a lot of my list has to do with just being there for my children to see the life events that she missed. I know I have no control over that. I can eat well and take care of myself so at least I will have a fighting chance. If it’s not in the cards then, it’s not in the cards and I can’t do anything about it. A girl can still dream…

8 thoughts on “The Life List: NaBloPoMo Day 4

  1. What a fantastic idea. I should make one of these, because there are so many things I want to do. But because I don't write them down, I often just think of them as "ideas", instead of things I actually want to accomplish. Thanks for the idea!


  2. Thank you Jake! Glad I could inspire you. My actual list is pages long but I just put up the highlights. I hope to live a life long enough to do everything on it. The best way to go form the idea stage to the I'm going to do it stage, is to write it down.


  3. I have a life list too, and for awhile it was filled with all this stuff that just sounded cool but I didn't really care about. It's amazing how many more things I crossed off once I pared it down to the essentials; what I REALLY wanted out of life. I love that all of the things on your list are not only possible, but have already been done! You're an inspiration!


  4. Some were a little more possible before kids, lol. Now it just takes more planning. One of the things that's on my much longer list is to see the ball drop on NYE and I'm going to get to do that for 2014. So I'm excited about that.


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