Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: How Do They Sleep Like That?

I always marveled at the fact that kids can fall asleep anywhere and in any position.
How can you fall asleep sucking on someone else’s arm? Further questions include, why didn’t Quinn wake up wondering why the hell is someone sucking on my arm?

When I was still pregnant with the twins. I had barely enough room for them in there and she wants climb back in, really??!


They still sleep with their faces in each other’s crotches. This has to be how they were in the womb.
Kids consistently fall asleep in high chairs and then when you try to put them down they wake up full of piss and vinegar.
I don’t want to know how he managed this one I just wonder again, why didn’t he wake up?
Colin asleep in his sister’s walker. Totally face planted and stuck.
Now it was Quinn’s turn. He tried to make an escape but just couldn’t make it.
Proof that they never truly grow out of it, Bry asleep after a tough day in Kindergarten.
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