Blogger Idol.

Blogger Idol Play Along: Eulogy

Blogger Idol is letting the people they didn’t choose play along at home. Maybe it’s buyer’s remorse on their part (Ha Ha) who knows? Since I fall into this category, I figured what better way to hone my skills for next year’s competition then to play along at home.

This week, post your Eulogy. So here it goes, for better or for worse.
Michelle Elizabeth Matthews-DeLorge was born on July 18, 1979 and as the story goes, she came into this world telling everyone to kiss her ass. This was the first of many occasions throughout the course of her life where she would be known as the person off doing her own thing.
Michelle lived most of her life and young adulthood in South Philadelphia. She attended Catholic schools there and led a pretty boring life. That was until she left Philadelphia and started a life of her own in the District of Columbia.
While in D.C. getting a degree she would never use at The George Washington University. She had the opportunity to study Classical Humanities and Forensics. Two subjects she loved and seemingly became the basis for her warped sense of reality and odd opinions. Being a staunch believer in furthering education outside of the classroom and unconventional learning, she would later use her Forensics knowledge to teach her children how to do the perfect Y incision on the dead frogs they would find in the pool.
Her very few close friends remember her as being loyal to a fault. She was always there with a smile and a story. Always lent a helping hand whenever she could. Anyone who knew her could attest to the fact that she often told stories to herself and kept up conversations in her own head. Then would later ask you a question about the conversation like it had really occurred. She had a really bad habit of doing that.
In the years between 2006 and 2010 she buried three members of her family, got married, had a daughter, a set of twins and then died herself. Like the mythical phoenix, she arose brand new from the ashes. In the years that followed, she refocused her life and balanced being an unconventional mother with her own aspirations. She wrote books, started a blog and was a featured writer on many other sites.
She is survived by her husband, brother, five children, extended relations and the many people online to whom her words brought validation, laughter and a smile on a bad day.
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4 thoughts on “Blogger Idol Play Along: Eulogy

  1. It's a cool field to get into. It always gives you something to talk about. Mostly with friends over too many drinks when we start discussing who has the better way to dispose of a body. My favorite show are on the Discovery channel.


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