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A Reason to Blog

Normally, I don’t post on Fridays but I’ve had this blog entry stewing in the back of my head for a while and now, it’s time to bring it forth. Everyone has a different reason why they joined the blogging universe. Some do it to create an online presence to showcase their work and others do it in the hopes that it will generate income. For others it’s a hobby, a way to reach out to the world when they feel alone. This is my story, the reason why I blog.

After having my twins, and trying to come to grips with “What’s Not There”, I sat alone with the babies in my bedroom a lot. I was depressed. It was probably a mix of post-partum depression and depression over what had happened to me. I couldn’t get around very well because of all the surgeries so being confined to one room that had a bathroom attached to it was a necessity. Sitting alone in my room my only company besides my sleeping infants was my laptop and on it I searched for anything about raising twins. I read articles from parenting sites and blogs until finally I stumbled upon David Vienna of The Daddy Complex.

The Daddy Complex single handedly brought me out of my depression. I read blog and after blog entry of parenting triumph and disaster. The stories of the adventures of Boone and Wyatt made me smile on my most down days. They gave me hope that this too shall pass, it won’t be this hard forever and that there was a light at the end of the no sleep tunnel. It was here that the blogging seed was planted but would lay dormant for another 3 years.

Once the boys had gotten older, I returned to writing. It’s always been a hobby of mine since childhood. At first, I started writing short stories, just having time to compose a thought and get it onto paper was a challenge and when I succeeded, it felt great. But I wanted more, I was no longer happy with just writing for the sake of writing. I was scared to share my work with the world. Mostly, I was afraid of rejection but overtime the fear of rejection was slowly chipped away by the need to be heard. So on a random day, this past August, I started to blog.

At first, I knew nothing. I couldn’t even manipulate the layout. I’m not that technical, at all. If it wasn’t for the help I received from the Hubby and Julie DeNeen of Fabulous Blogging, I would not have site at all. It would be more of a mish mash of crazy ramblings on a site that looked like a bad trip. They helped me with the technical side which I could not do on my own. Gave me insight in to things I never would have thought of and inspired me to be awesome instead of just better.  The rest of course would be up to me and the reason why I blog.

 Writing makes me happy, it’s my little space in the world where only I can enter. Where I can share a though or story and perchance it might be read and appreciated. On those occasions, I feel ten feet tall. That is the joy of blogging and the reason why I do it.




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