mix tape

Mix Tape – Graduation

I know it’s not Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday, I kind of dropped the ball on that one. So in honor of my cousin who is graduating from college today. Here are some songs to take into the next phase of your life. My advice in song. Congrats Girlie!!!

John Mayer – No Such Thing

The quintessential I just graduated now go out and conquer the world song.
Beyoncé – Irreplaceable
Men will come and go, but never forget you are wonderful and if they don’t treat you as such remind them, they’re replaceable.
John Mayer – 3 x 5
Always remember to live and enjoy life.
Whitney Houston – I Love the Lord
This song has uplifted me, made me smile and it’s made me curl up on the floor and weep. Listen to it whenever you need it.
P!nk – Glitter In The Air
What being in love really feels like.
John Mayer – Why Georgia?
This song pretty much will be the soundtrack to your 20s. The questions you ask yourself, the answers you never get.

Fun – We Are Young

Enjoy your 20s, you’ll be middle aged before you know it.
These are the songs I hope you take with you into the start of your new life. I know it’s a lot of John Mayer but he pretty much wrote the soundtrack to my 20s. Good Luck to you my little cousin and remember to always stop and smell the roses.

Comments are appreciated!

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