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First Steps

f46cd-brybabyToday I remember a lot of things. I recall when you were a infant how you used to bounce til your little legs gave out in your bouncy chair. I can still see you trying to climb stairs that looked way too big for you to surmount, wearing pjs with a panda face on the butt. I remember how you used to sit up in your crib and patiently wait for me to come and get you. You never cried. You always laughed.
You stopped sucking a pacifier cold turkey because you were eager to grow up and be a big girl. Once your brothers came along, you were their playmate, chew toy, surrogate mother, teacher and friend. The very tiny person with a heart five sizes too big and a personality even bigger.

People always told me that once your child starts walking, they start walking away from you. I never agreed with that statement. There were more days that not my daughter used her wobbly little legs to walk towards me, to chase after me or to show me how she had learned to skip. The first day of Kindergarten is the moment they start to walk away.

I was greeted very early this morning by a child, who just the night before had went to bed my baby girl and woke up a child that was scared she would miss her bus. She held my hand as far as the door and then no longer wanted to hold it. She was a big girl and while she wasn’t running to her class, (she was a little nervous) she was walking at a brisk pace.

As I walked away, I thought about all the other parents doing the same thing today. Dropping off kids that were at one point their babies, that are now starting their senior year of high school. I thought about how quick the time went for me and how I can still remember my elementary school days that were over 20 years ago. Time does indeed fly by.a2cbb-bry

One day, in the not too far off future, she’llΒ walk down those same stairs in her senior prom dress, the toddler days of when she used to crawl behind me picking up the laundry I dropped, a far off memory that only I can recall. Today, she started navigating her own course, life without me. I know she still needs me, our walk together is far from over but everyday she will need me just a little bit less than the day before. The baby days are a memory, now let the fun part begin.


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