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I Don't Want To Write About Miley

I watched most of the VMAs. Why? I have no idea. It could have been because I wanted to see Justin Timberlake perform. Or maybe it was because I wanted to see what Lady GaGa would wear. Yeah, that was it. It wasn’t because I found the host funny, I didn’t, he was just dumb for lack of a better adjective.

I took from the VMAs what I take from most awards shows. That most young celebrities are spoiled, full of themselves and in other words, not worth my time. My time is precious. What I chose to do with it when I’m not with my children or my husband, is precious. I felt like the VMAs were a waste of my time and that is why I kept it on in the background and played Candy Crush.

Any time I talk about the music industry and what I hate about it, I always seem to come back around to how much I abhor Taylor Swift. Yes, I realize abhor is a strong word and that I could use loathe, despise or detest to get my point across. I feel all those too but I really abhor Taylor Swift. Now let me be clear. I don’t hate her music. On the whole for a young kid she writes some ok songs. Not a whole lot of depth but she’s young. She can’t really sing but that’s ok because a lot of artists can’t belt it out. For her music style she doesn’t have to. What I detest about Taylor Swift is that she has no scruples, no principles and no couth (good manners). Like I said I think her music is good fun for the young set, it’s clean music that they can listen to, like the Debbie Gibson of my era. Only Debbie Gibson didn’t put her business in the street. Someone really needs to tell this young girl that the only guys who are going to want her are the guys that want to be in a song. I honestly feel sorry for her, I really do. If I was a guy, I don’t care how pretty I thought she was or how much money she had, I wouldn’t want all the gory details of our relationship to be public knowledge. Also, if all her relationships are such epic failures maybe she needs to look at the common denominator. That’s all I’m saying. So her acceptance speech, uncalled for and showed her lack of good manners. Just an aside, I wouldn’t want to win any award that I had to blow of up my Twitter account to get.

Miley… Someone please do an intervention for her. I actually like her. I think she has real potential. I can’t stand her father. I think he’s a fame whore but that’s ok. It’s not about her dad, it’s about her. I think her family drama is not helping the situation. I think her parents and her real friends need to come together and get her some help before she becomes the next Cory Monteith (whom I loved btw). I really hope she gets some help, it would be a shame to have to see her sink to the same depths Brittney did before she got some help.

So that’s what I thought about  VMAs. It wasn’t much to write about.


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