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A True Blood Without Eric?

If you aren’t caught up, then please skip this post. Ok, you have been warned.

I have finally caught up with True Blood. (Insert trumpet fanfare here). While I was impressed with the season overall, I’m not happy. Maybe that was the whole point, for the viewers to walk away from the season finale pissed off and irritated. If it was, then consider it a success.

I liked the addition of Warlow to the cast. I thought that he and Sookie made a good pair and I could see the potential love triangle coming and was giddy at the thought of it. Now he’s dead, so much for that idea. But we still had the old reliable storyline of Bill versus Eric. It never gets old, they are such good actors. The way Eric’s character has developed from the storyline about the witches to now, makes me love the character even more. He’s essential to the show in the same way that Sookie is.

So did Eric meet the sun? That’s the burning question, no pun intended. I’ve read enough interviews online that make me think he hasn’t. My reasoning, where is Pam? Did anyone else notice that she was the only character they didn’t show in their little six months later storyline? Has she found him yet? Was she there and realized what was happening and ran out, covered him with a blanket and saved him? Who knows? But I’m sure that if Eric is going to survive, Pam is going to figure into it in some way.

Now, I need to break with the TV show and go to the book. I know they don’t want the storyline of the show to follow the book. I know a lot of you, myself included were unhappy with how the book ended. Let’s not get into that right now, instead lets look at the good things the series had to offer that the show has yet to bring forth. There are a few things that have yet to come to pass that I was hoping would.

1. Quinn. I was so looking forward to them finding some beefcake to play his character. I know he wasn’t all that important to the storyline of the book but it’s not like the TV show has followed the book at all, so why not bring him in.

2. The marriage between Sookie and Eric. Right now, Sookie is with Alcide. They have turned down Bill’s protection. What better way to throw a monkey wrench in that relationship then to put Sookie in some kind of danger where she would need Eric to “marry” her to protect her.

3. The vampire hotel. I just wanted to see what it would look like to be honest with you.

4. Barry the bellboy. They brought in Warlow which I thought at first was going to be their version of Barry but then the story took a different turn. It would be nice for Sookie to have someone else who shares her gift that’s human. Not just Andy’s fairy daughter.

That’s my True Blood wish list. I doubt any of it will come to pass. Just please, don’t kill off Eric.


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