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Diary Of A Third Wife – Introduction

I never anticipated when I got married the first time that I would get divorced, who does really. If we thought when we got married that we would eventually divorce that person, why do it in the first place? I won’t go into that much about my first marriage because I doubt my ex would want all his business in the street. What I have learned about marriage is this: It takes two to get into it and two to ruin it. Even if the marriage ended as a result of an affair, the marriage got to the point where an affair was an option because of the actions of both parties.

I am my husband’s third wife. That means that I get a man who has been “broken in” by two previous women. Is that a bad thing? Not in the least. He knows how to live with a woman. He knows we get moody and that  we’re  just merely crazy on a good day. Most importantly, he puts the toilet seat down all the time.

I know what you’re probably thinking, is this relationship the result of an affair? Most people think it but nobody asks, so before you read any further, I ‘m going to put it out there that it was not. Their divorce was already filed and they had already had their day in court long before he ever laid eyes on me. Once he did, that was it for him and for me as well. Our lives were both a mess and we had children but somehow we brought it together to create a family.

Diary of a Third Wife is going to be an ongoing series in which I will post how we brought it all together and the lessons I’ve learned. I hope you enjoy reading it.

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