The Killing, Killed it!

By now, I’m hoping that everyone who watches The Killing has seen the season finale because I’m going to ruin a few things for you if you haven’t, but I will try not to go into too much detail. Before I get into all that, I need to talk about the reason why I like this show and the reason I came back after the first season.

Season 1 sucked. Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just being honest. From about the fourth episode in, I knew who killed that girl. I didn’t know the why or the how yet, but I knew who did it. I’m not saying that to pat myself on the back, it was just obvious. Every time there was a twist, my husband would say, “see it’s not him” and I would say, “it’s just a red herring”. At which point my husband would look at me like I was a red herring.

Why did I come back after being so disappointed with Season 1? Joel Kinnaman. He is by far the shining star on this cast. His delivery, his mannerisms, the way he just effortlessly captures you in every scene he’s in. Perfection, that’s all I can say about his portrayal of Detective  Holder. He’s what made me come back for Season 2. He brings humanity and laughter to a show that would seriously flop if it weren’t for him.

Season 2 followed in the same vein as Season 1. This time with more murders but the writers did a much better job of throwing you off the track. KUDOS. In the last few scenes where you have what I call, “The Keyser Soze Moment” (when Linden sees the ring!). I actually yelled at the TV, which is rare for me. I must say, I was impressed and it left me wanting more. When you get so upset with a season finale that you don’t want to watch TV at all for a month, you know they’ve done a good job.


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