Top 10 TV Shows YOU Need to Watch

I’m gonna put it out there. I LOVE lists. I have a top ten for everything. Our family photo album even has a section of Top 10 Laughs for the past year. So before I go off on a tangent about that, I’ll get back to the matter at hand. Many times, I’ll talk to people and ask them have they seen this show or that. Quite frankly, most people look at me like a deer in headlights and wonder if the TV show ever aired in the U.S. Well all these did. They’re now cancelled or in syndication on a random network at some random hour of the night but nevertheless you have to watch them and I’ll tell you why.10. Pushing Daisies 

This is a  little show with Zoe Deschenal from the TV show New Girl. Her aside, because she’s quirky and hilarious in this role too, the other actors are really good especially given the shows premise. Which is, this guy touches dead people and brings them back to find out how they died and claim the reward for solving their murder. It’s comedy, it’s a love story and it’s just silly fun.

9. American Gothic

My cousin would kill me if I didn’t put this show on the list. This was one of those shows that was on in response to X-Files. It had that Stephen King creepy town feel it.  Sheriff Lucas Buck was awesome and you never quite knew if he was more devil then man. For all the people who are going crazy over The Dome. This is better, way better, just watch it because I can’t tell you anymore without giving it away. So if you’re anything like my cousin and you check this show out, you’ll have “someone’s at the door” ingrained on your brain for many years to come.

8. Twin Peaks

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, the show was just plan odd and for some, hard to follow. You have to admit, the show was ahead of it’s time. Even then, the show captivated a country. “Who killed Laura Palmer?” Was on everyone’s mind, in fact the only show I know of that has fascinated an entire country as much since would have to be a tie between the Walking Dead and American Horror Story. I have it on DVD and I tend to pull it out every so often and I still see different things that I never noticed before.

7. Surface

This show was AWESOME. Why did they ever take it off? It centers around a boy who finds a new species of sea life. There was government conspiracy, there was action, there was adventure and SEA MONSTERS!!! Can it get any better? Well evidently the network didn’t think so, so off it went. The last scene in the last episode, amazing. I can still see it in my head. The best cliff hanger since “Who shot J.R?”. Actually, I’m kidding about the J.R. thing – just watch it.

6. Rubicon

Staying with the government conspiracy theme, I give you Rubicon. This show had the makings to be something phenomenal. It should have been on a major network but I think the only reason why it made it as far as it did was because it was on AMC. It didn’t have the action of 24. It was more cerebral, probably too cerebral. It had a lot of clues you had to figure out but it was something fresh and interesting in only the way AMC does it.  I think if  it was a little bit more fast paced, like Scandal, it would have fared better.

5. Gilmore Girls

There was never a family show I loved more since The Cosby Show. It’s funny, heartwarming, quirky and just special. There is such mother/daughter chemistry between Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham that you think, that has to be her kid. Melissa McCartney is wonderful as Lorelai’s best friend,  Sookie. Gilmore Girls showcases what every parent goes through in life and it does it perfectly from feeling like you fail all the time to give your child what they need/want to dealing with the fact that  they are growing up and you are getting older. The show matures with it’s characters and Rory grows from an awkward teen to a mature young adult who is ready to attack the world. A good show to watch with your daughter, I suggest ages 12 and up.

4. The Shield

I’m not much for cop shows. I’ve watched the occasional Law and Order, CSI and all it permutations and  even something  old school like Cagney and Lacey. The Shield, however, takes the genre of cop show and elevates it to an all new level. First you have Michael Chiklis, who was on another cop show called The Commish which was more family drama then cop show. I loved him on that as well so it was a no brainer to follow him to The Shield. Chiklis is by far the best character actor on television and the writers showcased all his talents. The ability he has to portray a complicated character with such depth, you loved him, you hated him but you’ll never forget him or the show. A real gem.

3. Charmed

I got on the Charmed bandwagon a tad bit late, like 3 seasons late. Once I did, I was more than pleased. At first, I figured this is just another show like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just with witches. I couldn’t be more wrong about it. It was well written and well acted. While Piper tended to get on my nerves at times and Phoebe was essentially a doormat, each episode kept me coming back for more. This is a good series to watch on a Friday night when you’re sitting at home alone feeling sorry for yourself and you just want to be entertained. Plus Cole is very easy on the eyes, ladies.

2. Melrose Place
Yes, I’m talking about the original not the remake that pales in comparison to its predecessor. The original Melrose Place was a spinoff to 90210 that became so much more. Who can forget Marcia Cross as Kimberly? I still see her taking off that wig in the season finale to reveal that huge scar. OMG, it gives me tingles still. She was wonderful on that show which is why I followed her to Desperate Housewives. What made Melrose great was that it was a soap opera on at night. It had all the elements: kidnappings, murders, backstabbing and bed hopping only with better actors and much better writing.

1. The Tudors  

I feel like there should be fanfare playing in the background while you read this and not just because of the subject matter of the show. The Tudors is by far the best acted, best produced and best written show on television. Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry VIII, perfect casting, shear luck, I don’t know. I don’t want to think about it too much but the cast is in one word SUPERB. Now, I will admit that it lags a  little bit towards the end of the second season and into the third but it picks right back up again. Without The Tudors there wouldn’t have been a Game of Thrones, Pillars of the Earth, or The Borgias. So if you love any of these shows please take the time, add it to your Netflix que and pay homage to the originator.


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